Summarizing what you learned.

That was it. I recommend that you scan through this book again while following along to implement all of these marketing strategies. These marketing tips constitute the foundation upon which your sales will rest.

In summary, here again are the 20 steps to marketing and promoting your Amazon Kindle ebook.

Step 1: Publish on Amazon Kindle via KDP to Maximize Revenue

Step 2: Copyedit Your Book

Step 3: Create a Great Book Cover

Step 4: Enter Your Book Into the Kindle Select Program for 90 Days

Step 5: Copywrite Your Amazon Book Description

Step 6: Write in a Series -- Don't Let Your Readers Go

Step 7: Name Your Book to Be Found with Amazon SEO

Step 8: Price Your Book to Sell – Typically at $2.99

Step 9: Publish a Print on Demand (POD) Paperback Via KDP

Step 10: Promote Your Mailing List in Your Book

Step 11: Choose Book Categories to Become an Amazon Bestseller

Step 12: Draft Friends, Neighbors, Peers, and Family to Get Your First Reviews

Step 13: Book Length, Release Scheduling and Pricing

Step 14: Nominate Your Books for Amazon Promotion

Step 15: Run Free and Discount Book Promotions

Step 16: Be Accommodating to Your Reader on KDP

Step 17: Create an Amazon Author Central Page

Step 18: Social Media Promotion

Step 19: Ask for a Review Mid-book

Step 20: Amazon Advertising